A Guide To Nightlife In Dubrovnik

A Guide to Nightlife in Dubrovnik | Travelling Croatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful coastal city in Croatia known for its stunning Old Town, historic walls, and crystal clear waters. But, did you know that it also has a vibrant nightlife scene? Whether you’re looking for a fancy cocktail bar, a lively club, or a casual pub, Dubrovnik has something to offer for everyone. Here is a guide to help you navigate the city’s nightlife options:

  1. Cocktail Bars: If you’re looking for a more upscale night out, check out some of Dubrovnik’s fancy cocktail bars. The Bar in the Old Town is a great option, with a stylish atmosphere and a wide selection of delicious cocktails. Another popular spot is the Bu┼ża Bar, which is located on the cliffs overlooking the sea. Here you can enjoy a cocktail while taking in the breathtaking views.
  2. Clubs: Dubrovnik has a variety of clubs to choose from, catering to different music tastes. Revelin Club is a popular spot, known for its lively atmosphere and great music. Eastwest Club is another great option, with a more intimate setting and a mix of electronic and live music.
  3. Pubs: For a more casual night out, check out some of Dubrovnik’s pubs. The Irish Pub is a popular spot, with a great selection of beers and a friendly atmosphere. The Pub Crawl Dubrovnik is another option, where you can join a group of people and visit several pubs in one night, with a guide to show you the best spots in town.
  4. Stradun: Stradun is Dubrovnik’s main street and it is the perfect place to go for a night out. It is a lively area filled with bars, restaurants, and clubs. This is the perfect place to start your night and then move on to one of the other areas.
  5. Beach party: Dubrovnik beaches are great place to enjoy the night and party with friends. Some of the most popular beach party places are Banje Beach and Lapad Beach.

Remember to always drink responsibly and be aware of local laws and customs. Have a great time exploring Dubrovnik’s nightlife!

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